Highest Grade Sound System are made up of Leon, Baz & Kev.

Based in Devon, UK.  Highest Grade Sound System, individually, has 20 years plus of love for reggae dancehall. Drawing from the melting pot of all genres, artists, riddims and ages of reggae dancehall, we all have our own styles and aim to play the nicest tunes the way they should!

Whether you want to chill with Dub & Roots, whine to Lovers or party to the soundz of Dancehall, Bashment n Remixes, HIGHESTGRADE have you covered. Pon da radio, worldwide or live n direct, we keep it real and true to the foundations.

We love Reggae music fi years and we ain’t stopping now!


What caan we a say?!


From filling Exeter’s old our price shelves with the best stacked reggae section, nationally (yeh Baz, I found Macka B’s ‘unemploment blues’ thanks to you!!) to his one man “Notorious Sound System”. BAZ has always been there and now, literally pushin tings forward, not only with HIGHESTGRADE, but also with his and Steve’s new genre of “Future Reggae”, pushing their label VIBRATION LAB to world wide acclaim.

Always da soundbwoy, thats why he is HIGHESTGRADE.


Being exposed to da likes of hearin Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry (Carmen, Alesha x) and watching Black Roots live back in da 80s.

Three tunes in ’88 cemented my love (and destiny?) in Reggae Dancehall!
1. Conroy Smith – Dangerous
2. Gregory Issacs – Rumours
3. Macka B – Unemployment Blues.

Formed DANGEROUS SOUNDZ with Leon in da 90s to fill the gap of playin real Reggae to the masses, which continues to this day. I, like all of HIGHESTGRADE, love Reggae Dancehall for life… it’s life’s heartbeat. . .  fi real!!!


Growin up in London as a yout, Leon was surrounded by Dancehall first hand and traded sound tapes, pon da back of da school bus! (big up original “soundkilla” Father Festus!) and learnin da soundbwoy ways with his father, John. During da DANGEROUS SOUNDZ days, he orchestrated da Deggae section @ da 1st Exeter “RESPECT Festival”, helping to bring top London sound ‘Jah Voice Calls’ to town.

First, an hour slot durin da day (to which JVC’s main man Asher ‘Dread’ Gorgon 1st, over ran his hour slot into the next band’s set, 2ndly, returned to unexpectingly ‘take over pon da mic’ and squeezed the band dry of every Reggae/Dub riddim they knew (4/5 in total!). The band in question was a young “MUSE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same night, Leon dropped our ‘Dangerous’ rmx and bounced nuff people in St George’s Hall, pon JVS’s 35k London sound system! Proper tings!

Good memories! Always pushin THE VERY FRESHEST OF TUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTIME.

Like his dad, Kamz (big up katie, jai, rubz & sis, lisa) is da nex generation of selectors.